Weekend Reading – February 8

Here are some of the interesting things we found on the web this week. Hope you enjoy!


Haiti’s Martelly Meets with US’s Obama – It was a big week for Haiti this week as Haitian President Michel Martelly traveled to Washington, DC for several high level meetings with US Government officials, including a meeting with President Obama himself in the Oval Office.


What Does It Look Like to Open Your Own Bible for the First Time? – Did you know there are still over 1,900 languages across the world today that do not yet have any of the Bible translated? See some more of the statistics here. This post shares a touching video (1 min) showing what it is like for a people group when they first receive the scriptures in their own language. If this subject interests you, check out this post detailing some of Crossworld’s work in Bible translation.

Poverty – Free Audio Book

When Helping Hurts: How to Allieviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor and Yourself – If you only read one book dealing with poverty this year, this should be the one. Working effectively with the poor in a context of extreme poverty is incredibly complex. This book tackles the issue from both a theological and a pragmatic perspective. As awesome as I’m sure the audio version is, I would recommend you buy a paper copy as well and read it with a pen in hand.

Facebook and Theology?

10 Years of Facebook – Did you see any of those Facebook lookback videos? If you were on Facebook for more than a couple seconds this week, you’ve seen at least one. If you didn’t know, Facebook celebrated 10 years of existence this week.

John Dyer, who serves as the Executive Director of Communications and Educational Technology at DTS, takes a look at Facebook from a theological perspective and asks some important questions about its influence on our world. He says: “Facebook can be a convenient punching bag for all kinds of social ills, but it can also offer us a window into the struggles and beautifies of a human race who still bears God’s image and who is in need of a complete resurrection.”

John is seriously one of the smartest guys I know. If this post interests you, you may also enjoy his book: From the Garden to the City: The Redeeming and Corrupting Power of Technology.


8 Ways to Reverse the Decline of the American Book Lover – Do you want to read more? So do I. This post gives 7 (not sure why the titles says 8) easy things you can do to begin to read more.

Have you read anything interesting this week? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to check it out!

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