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We cannot do this on our own - we need God's help as we build our support team and prepare to head to the field. [see requests]
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Join the Team

Before we go we need a team of individuals, families and churches who are willing to partner with us in regular financial support. [learn more]

Introduce Us

Know a potential partner or partnering church? Introducing us to someone in your network is a huge help as we build our team. [learn more]
Shooting a VBS video from our front yard.

We’re Here!

A couple weeks ago, we got a call from a friend who was having some trouble finding our house. I knew she was close, so I threw on some flip-flops and headed into the street to meet her car. As I walked around the corner, I saw our neighbor Reymond sitting on his step, flipping […]


We’re at 100%

Both our monthly support as well as our outgoing expenses budget have now been fully raised and we have a green light to go to Haiti! We’re so grateful to the Lord for providing the partners needed to finish out our support team! He has been gracious to provide an amazing team! It’s been a […]

Becca SLA

Love is powerful

When you love someone, you look for ways to express it. In the same way, nothing quite beats the feeling ofbeing loved by someone else, right? Last week, Becca and I were in our office working on our language class when I said something like “Man this is getting cluttered – I’d better straighten this […]

Celebrating Stef's Birthday.

Remembering Stephanie Richfield

Our hearts are heavy today. After a courageous battle with cancer, our dear friend Stephanie Richfield passed into the presence of the Lord this morning at 3:15. She leaves behind a husband and two sons. She was 49. Stephanie was a treasured friend for several years. When we decided to begin this process of moving to Haiti, she […]