Starting 2016 – Some Prayer Requests

This new year is off and running!

This will be a big year for our family as we, Lord willing, make our move to Haiti very soon. As the time for our departure comes quickly, there is still much to do. We wanted to put up a quick post this morning to let you know about few key things you can be praying about for us.

1) Becca’s Mom

If you’re following along with us on Facebook, you know that right at the beginning of the year, Becca’s mom fell and broke her hip. As they were testing her for a concussion, they discovered a mass in her brain that was later determined to be cancerous. After this was discovered, she was med-flighted to the UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill, NC to prepare for brain surgery. Becca and I flew to North Carolina to be with her parents shortly after this happened and spent some time with them as she was being initially treated in the hospital.

She is now recovering at home and preparing for the continued treatment of this cancer. She had a PET scan last week and we are awaiting the results from that so we know what the treatment will look like going forward.

We appreciate your continued prayers for this situation as it develops.

2) Second Language Acquisition Class

We’re about halfway through our six-week second language acquisition class through Wheaton college. We’re learning a lot! This course is giving us some great tools that we think will enable us to do a better job mastering Creole (and some French) once we’re on the ground.

Pray for us as we navigate the assignments and process what we’re learning.

3) Haiti Elections

Unfortunately, things have destabilized quite a bit in Haiti over the past month. The runoff election for president that was initial scheduled and rescheduled a couple of times has still not taken place because of protests and instability in the country. Now, Haiti faces a constitutional crisis as the sitting president’s term will expire on Sunday and there is no one to succeed him. It is unclear at this point if the president will try to remain in power, or if a transitional government will be put in place until elections are able to be held.

Please pray with us for this situation, that an acceptable solution can be found and that political stability may return quickly.

4) Pre-Departure things to do

We have much to do before we can leave for Haiti. At the top of the list is finishing up our support team. We still have a little bit to go before we’re cleared to leave. We’re almost there(!) but we need around 17 more supporters to make it to 100%.

In addition to support, we have all the things that come with an international move – finding a house, getting our stuff there, getting set up, etc.

Would you especially pray with us that the remaining support we need will come in quickly and that we’ll have wisdom as we begin to navigate this move while also helping to ensure that Becca’s mom receives the care she needs as she begins her treatment?


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