Prayer Updates

November 2014

50% by Christmas: We’ve had some great opportunities over the past few weeks to share about our ministry in Haiti and have had a few express interest in joining our team. Would you pray with us that we’ll reach 50% quickly in the next couple of weeks? (Shhh…We’re secretly hoping for 55% or 60%) ;)

In order to reach 50% we need committments covering $918 in new monthly support.

If we have 5 people commit to giving $50 per month and 7 people to commit to giving $100 per month, we’ll reach this goal. Would you pray God would bring these 12 people to our team?

October 2014

All In: We’re moving closer to the point where we will leave Dallas, leave the security of a full-time income and move to full-time support raising. Our mission will allow us to draw a stipend from our support once we reach 75%. However, the quicker we can go all in and do this full-time, the quicker we’ll get that support raised. 

So, we’re thinking we may make the leap earlier than 75%. This may mean that we go for some time with no income. We have some savings, but that will only carry us so far.

As you may imagine, this will be a big leap of faith. The question is: when do we make the jump?

Would you pray about this with us? We want to be sensitive to the Lord’s timing, while also keeping ourselves in a place where we are aware of our need to trust him.

September 2014

Language Training Decisions: Eventually we’ll need to learn both French and Creole. Soon we’ll need to decide which language to tackle first. We can learn Creole in Haiti, but to get the level of French we need, we’ll have to spend time in either France or Canada. Would you pray for us as we make this decision in the coming months?

Travel: As we travel over the next two months (both for support raising and for DTS), would you pray for our family that the Lord will give us grace to manage the stress that can be associated with that?

Encouragement: To be honest, we’ve been a little discouraged. We know the Lord will get us to Haiti according to his perfect timing – but we’re eager to get going! :) Pray that we will be encouraged as we keep pressing on in support raising.

July 2014

Joshua: Praise God for the safe arrival of Joshua. Prayfor us as we adjust to being a family of five.

STEP Graduates: Pray for these 37 new graduates of STEP as they begin their ministries.

Chikungunya: Continuepraying for those affected by the Chikungunya virus that is sweeping through Haiti right now. Although it is rarely fatal, it is very painful. Pray for this outbreak to subside.

Support: Continue prayingfor God to bring others to our support team.

May 2014

Chikungunya: Have you heard about this yet? This mosquito-borne virus has been spreading rapidly in Haiti over the past couple of weeks. Several of our friends have been infected. Would you pray for the spread of this disease to be slowed and for the quick recovery of those infected? You can learn more about its activity in Haiti here.

Tragic Loss for Quisqueya Chapel: This past week a missionary in Haiti named George Knoop who was serving as an elder at the Chapel was killed. George was a sweet man and I enjoyed getting to meet him a few times. He answered the Lord’s calling on his life to serve in Haiti after the earthquake – when he was already in his 70’s. Please pray for the Chapel and for George’s sisters as they grieve his loss.

New Support Goal: Thank you for faithfully praying for our support raising process. Would you pray for our goal of reaching 75% of our support by September 15th? Would you pray specifically for him to bring nine new people to join our team this next month?

April 2014

Speaking: We have some great opportunities to share coming up this month. Would you pray that we will be able to present our mission clearly? Also, would you continue to pray for opportunities for us to connect with others who might be interested in learning more about our ministry?
PregnancyWe’re thankful Becca’s pregnancy continues to go well. Would you continue to pray for her and the baby as she moves further into the third trimester? This is the fun part where tiredness and swelling are constant companions! J
Falonie: Last month we shared about Falonie’s store. We’re so excited to see how well her business has done! Would you pray for her over the next few weeks as she relocates the store to a more optimal location?

February 2014

Speaking: Pray for our speaking opportunities this month, that as we share our ministry the Lord would bring people to our support team.

Balance: Pray for balance for us as we juggle a lot of important ministry and life responsibilities.

Conference: Pray for the upcoming Missions Conference at Grace Bible Church that it would be a sucess for our church.

January 2014

Pregnancy: Pray that the baby would remain healthy and that Becca’s nausea would continue to decrease.

Support Development: Pray for good connections as we seek to share our ministry with chruches and individuals.

Sickness: We all have some kind of nasty respratory virus. Would you pray for us to come out of this soon?

Haiti Trip: Luke and Paul will be in Haiti from the 18th-22nd. Pray for a smooth and successful trip.

December 2013

Pastor Simon: Would you pray for the family of Pastor Simon, President of the UEBH in Haiti, and for his co-workers as they grieve this loss?

Support Raising Process: Would you pray that God would provide the right connections for us as we begin to develop a team of financial partners?

Visit to NH: Time with family is increasingly valuable to us as we prepare to leave the country. Would you pray that we would have good, quality time with family while we’re home?

November 2013

Support Team: We hope to begin building a team of financial partners soon. Would you pray that the Lord would begin pulling that team of people together?
Travel: Thank God with us for successful trips these past couple of months and for the strength He gave Becca to keep things running while I (Luke) was away.
Reading: This month we’re reading two books for our PDP’s. Would you pray that we’d be open to what we need to learn from these books?

October 2013

Continued Travel: This month Luke heads to California and DC to recruit for DTS. Pray for Becca as she holds down the fort on her own while he’s away.

PDP’s: Continue to pray that the Lord will use this PDP process to prepare us well for what lies ahead.

Small Group: As we jump back into our Fall schedule of regular meetings for our small group at our church here in Dallas, pray that we’ll have the wisdom we need to lead the group well.

September 2013

Personal Development Plans (PDP): Currently we are in a phase of spiritual preparation in our Crossworld PDP’s. Would you pray that God would help us to see the things we need to see in this phase?

Dogs: As much as we love our two dogs, we know it would be difficult to bring them with us. As we begin to look for a new home for them, would you pray with us that God would help us find the right place?

Fall Travel: Fall is a busy season for us. This month Luke will head to Chicago to visit with students at Moody and Wheaton for DTS. Next month, he’ll head to California. Would you pray with us that God would help us to function well as a family during this busy season?

August 2013

Development of a Prayer Support Team: Pray that God would bring the right people to join us in prayer as we work through our PDP’s and eventually begin to raise support.

Trip to Haiti: I (Luke) hope to travel to Haiti in late August or early September for a few days to visit Karl and Ann Olsson. Pray for us as we begin to plan this trip.

Personal Development Plan: As we begin to work through our PDP this month, pray that the Lord will use it to shape us and help us be more prepared to serve Him well.