Hurricane Matthew Update

Just a quick note to ask you to pray for Haiti.

As you probably know, Hurricane Matthew has made a turn to the north and is heading our direction. The last update I saw said the eye will pass over the western part of the country on the southern peninsula and the effects of the hurricane will extend here to Port-au-Prince as well. There is a good chance that this storm will result in a significant loss of life and damage to property. As a developing nation, the country is just not equipped to handle this stuff.

Right now, we’re seeing some light rain and light wind. We don’t expect it to pick up until sometime this evening.

We have a nice strong house and plenty of food, fuel and water. We feel as prepared as we can be. We’ve been in contact with most of our friends here and they are prepared as well.

We appreciate your prayers also for our son Josh, who came down with a fever and what appears to be a stomach bug last night.

We’ll keep you updated as we’re able. It’s quite possible that we will lose cell service and internet for some time, so if you don’t hear from us, that is why.

Thank you for praying for us. We’re so grateful for your partnership!

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