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Left to right: Cousins Mark and his wife Kat, Aunt Eleanor, Grace, Becca, Lydia and cousin Megan.

Crazy, busy summer!

One of the traits of a good missionary is flexibility, right? This summer ended up looking very different than we expected. Between shouldering extra responsibilities at DTS, adding a new baby to the mix, beginning preparation for our departure and Grace having surgery – all while trying to make progress on our support development – […]


Falonie’s Store

I almost choked up when we walked inside. It had been 19 months since I had seen Falonie’s store and when I walked in I couldn’t believe what I saw. If you don’t remember her story, let me bring you up to speed. Falonie is a mom who lives in Port-au-Prince, and raises her kids […]


Exciting Developments!

Our House was filled with the squeals of two little girls who were happy to see their grandparents this weekend. My parents flew in from NH on Thursday to celebrate Lydia’s first birthday and they’ll be with us until Tuesday morning. My brother Ian also surprised us by coming to town! Grace has been busy […]


Having what it takes

“We have about 30 orphans on a roof of a small house. They have been there three days already”. These words sank deep into my heart as I read them. We were in Haiti for the summer and I (Becca) was preparing my summer lessons in preparation to work with Sherrie at her school. She […]

becca speaking


You ever have one of those moments when you know you married way out of your league? I had one just last week. I was standing in front of the stage at Grace Bible Church in Dallas. In front of me was my wife who was speaking to a group of kindergarten through 6th graders at […]


Remembering Grammie

Just a couple weeks ago, we woke up at my parent’s house in NH and started packing for our trip back to Dallas. Last Minute Trip Home We hadn’t planned to be home this summer, but after a several year battle with cancer and dementia, my grandmother passed away on August 9th. Thanks to the generosity […]


Exciting News!

Last month we asked for your prayers while we traveled to Kansas City and participated in Candidate Orientation with Crossworld. Thank you for those prayers! The Lord answered them in a big way and we have some exciting news we want to share with you: We’re going to Haiti! From Candidates to Appointees… For two weeks […]