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PFO – Week Two

“Get out of the car! Get out of the car! We want the car!” Although it was a training exercise, I was still spooked when out of the corner of my eye, I suddenly saw a man with his gun pointed at me, yelling at me to exit the vehicle. The tension grew as he pointed it into […]


PFO – Week One

How do you get to know someone you have nothing in common with? We’ve all been there. You’re at a banquet and you’re seated next to someone who is the polar opposite from you. As you wait for the event to begin, you’re faced with a decision: Do I sit here in awkward silence and […]


Summer Reading

Summer is always a great time to read. This summer was the first we’d spent in New England for many years and the cooler temps at night, combined with the peace of a quiet house after the kids have gone to bed provided some great time for reading. Here’s some of what we read this summer. […]

An interesting sign in the middle of China, Maine. Yes, those are the names of real towns in Maine. :)

Prayer and Gratitude

“From beginning to end, fundraising as ministry is grounded in prayer and undertaken in gratitude.” -Henri Nouwen This quote jumped right off the page as I was reading Henri Nouwen’s Spirituality of Fundraising recently. The further along we get in this process of building our team, the more we see this as profoundly true. Prayer  During this season of […]


Hiking to Jericho

A few years ago, I heard about a village in Haiti called Jericho – a small, remote village on top of a mountain that needed some help. After loading some bags up with basic medicines, a group of us decided to head out there to see what the situaton was like. Getting there was a challenge. We drove several […]

Haiti - December '06 Becca 056

Book Review: Toxic Charity

After all the billions of dollars that have been donated to charity over the years – why is poverty still a problem? This question often gets asked of Haiti. After the 2010 earthquake some $9 billion was pledged by the international commmunity to help get the country back on its feet. Yet this week, Haitians again […]


Getting 2015 Started

2015 has been a whirlwind of unexpected activity for us so far. We spent two weeks in NH at my parents house and had a wonderful time visitng with family and supporters. As is always the case on these short trips home, we didn’t connect with everyone we wanted to see but, Lord willing, there will be […]